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0.005 Micron Water Filter: Remove the Dangerous Microparticles

Where to find a 0.005 micron water filter? Which water filtration or reverse osmosis systems use such kind of fine filter?

The finer the water filters, the more particles will be removed before they end up in your glass of water. The result is almost pure water that is clean and safe even for kids to drink.

Although our water supplies have processes that remove contaminants and kill the bacteria, it’s great to have an added layer of protection. This is important especially when it comes to our homes. That’s why many families now (and even business owners) choose to install water filtration systems.

Good news is, there are fine water filters that can serve as an added layer of protection for your family. For this article, let’s explore the 0.005 micron water filter and how and where it’s used.

Filtration Systems With Ultrafine Water Filters

First, no matter how fine a filter is, the principle remains the same. Filters prevent particles from passing through, only allowing the water to. Water can pass through either by the natural pressure (as it flows or goes downward) or with the help of pressure in reverse osmosis systems.

In reverse osmosis, additional pressure is applied through a semipermeable membrane (many water filters use this). It is in this way that water is forced through.

It’s a modern method utilised even on an industrial scale. Thankfully, technology is also available for homes as the overall equipment is compact (multiple filters can be installed under the sink).

Where Does the 0.005 Micron Water filter Come Into the picture?

In a 5-stage reverse osmosis system, this fine filter is often at the third stage. Why? That’s because stages 1 and 2 take care of the “big guys” first.

Stage 1 could have a 1 micron filter. This effectively removes the sediments. In Stage 2, the granular activated carbon filter removes the chlorine. This serves as a protection for the next stage (the ultrafine filter). This also lengthens its useful lifespan and effectiveness.

In Stage 3, the ultrafine thin-film composite reverse osmosis filter removes the heavy metals and other microparticles. The next stages will be about making the water odourless and fresh tasting.

Stay Safe With Ultrafine Filters

With an ultrafine filter using advanced technology, you can ensure that microparticles won’t come out of your faucet. That’s why it’s essential to have equipment that has this capability. Additionally, it’s important to ensure proper maintenance and needed replacements are performed on the whole filtration system each year.

If you have any questions about ultrafine water filters and reverse osmosis systems (including installations and servicing to Melbourne, and up to Sydney, Wollongong and the Central Coast), call us today and our team will be happy to assist.