Fliltap Filtration System Services

We’ll send you a reminder when your filter system is due for its annual maintenance and cartridge replacements. Thousands of our customers benefit from our free annual service.

Many companies are starting to market non-standard housings to lock customers in to paying for expensive cartridge replacements. We provide you with prompt and efficient service for all cartridge replacements and have not changed the design of our housings.


Cartridge replacements:

  • We guarantee the most competitive prices on cartridge replacements
  • We stock state of the art cartridges such as Doulton, Omnipure, KX Industries and Filmtec
  • We provide complimentary new O rings and carry out a pressure test and flow check free of charge when customers purchase cartridge replacements from us.

We service other filtration systems:

  • If you have an existing unit purchased from another company, our qualified technicians will service your system.
  • In the event that our technicians are unable to complete the job, we won’t charge you a call out fee.