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The team at Filtap™ have been leaders in the Wollongong water filter industry for many years. Our range only includes the highest quality filters, and we’ve got the perfect solution for your home, office, or anywhere! If you want a reliable filter at an amazing price, give our friendly team a call.

Filtap™ specialise in providing quality and affordable water filters for homes and businesses throughout Wollongong. Our team do everything we can to provide an exceptional service from customer’s first contact to any follow up servicing that may be needed. You can trust our team to provide you with the perfect water filtration solution. Give us a call today.

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    Amazing Water Filters

    As knowledge becomes more and more accessible through the internet, many people are learning about the benefits of drinking pure water. It is true – filtered water is so much better than straight tap water. If you’ve had it before you’ll know this to be true. You don’t want chlorine or other contaminants in your drinking water – you need a filter!

    Filtap™ provide quality water filters that will give you access to the freshest, best tasting water you’ve ever had. Our filters can remove literally any contaminants from the water – tastes, sediments, smells, microorganisms, chemicals, you name it! Once you have one of our filters installed, you’ll be wishing you had one installed years ago.

    Prompt Wollongong Service

    If you’re thinking about having a water filter installed at your Wollongong home or business, you need to consider what filter you get and how it will be installed. You can buy a cheap filter from a hardware store and install it yourself, however, doing such a thing can be risky. At Filtap™ we source our filters direct from the manufacturer, so we know that it’s a quality product and we get a great price. A filter at a hardware store may be of questionable quality and have a significant markup from factory pricing.

    Additionally, if you’re not a plumber, you could face troubles in the future with the fittings and the way you install it. Plumbers do a 4 year apprenticeship – filter installations aren’t like Lego sets, a bit of experience goes a long way! Our water filter experts have years of experience behind them and will do the right job the first time.

    Top Quality at a Great Price

    We’ve done the hard work in designing and producing the best water filters so that you can live the easy life with pure water. You’ll actually feel better if you drink more water, and our filters will make you want to do that. We don’t add lemon juice to your water, but there’s no need for that when you have water as pure as ours – you literally won’t taste a thing, and you’ll quite easily drink much more than you would with chlorine tasting water!

    Our products give you access to reliable, amazing tasting drinking water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – which is why so many Wollongong homes and businesses have Filtap™ filters installed. There’s no need to wait for a water delivery service to deliver your next bottle.

    Best Value Filter Service

    It’s hard to get better value than ordering bulk from a manufacturer in any industry. This is why we can provide unbeatable value for our service. Our water filter service represents excellent value – particularly since we combine the cost of parts from the manufacturer and the cost of the installation in one. It doesn’t matter which product you want us to install, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t find better value anywhere else.

    In addition to getting the best prices on parts, installation costs are a minimum for us too. Our experienced water filter experts and plumbers have modern equipment and years of experience so that we can have any filter installed promptly. You might wonder whether we’ve done the job properly by the speed in which we can be in and out, but there’s no need to worry as we’d never compromise on quality!

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    Our team of water filter professionals are committed to delivering the highest quality water filters at an affordable price.

    All prices are upfront and we provide free installation – we’ve got an easy payment option to suit you. You won’t find a better quote as our prices beat all our competitors!

    You won’t find filters of our quality anywhere else, as our premium filters are exclusive to Filtap. They’re the best on the market and you can be sure that your family will love them.

    You’ll find more information across our site about our quality water filters, or you can speak to one of our friendly experts by calling 1300 734 156.

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    Prompt Wollongong Service
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    We Can Beat Any Quote
    We Repair & Service All Brands

    Best Value Wollongong Water Filter Service

    Wollongong is the major centre of the Illawarra region just south of Sydney. This area is part of Sydney’s water network, which provides around 1.5 billion litres of water every day to homes and businesses. That’s a pretty big job requiring hundreds of workers to keep things running.

    Fortunately, Wollongong’s tap water is usually pretty good, as the majority of residents drink it. However, from time to time you may have noticed different tastes, smells, or colours in the water, and you may have not enjoyed drinking it so much.

    You can have reliable, perfectly pure water all the time by purchasing a Filtap water filter for your Wollongong home or business. We’ve got the highest quality filters at unbeatable prices – why not arrange to get yours installed today?

    5 Things You’ll Love About Your New Water Filter

    Pure H2O Wollongong

    1. Removal of Chemicals

    Filtap water filters can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re not consuming harmful chemicals like chlorine with your water. Our reverse osmosis water filters can even take out fluoride from your water, which means you’re drinking pure H2O. Chlorine is added to water to kill any bacteria, etc. that might otherwise be living in it. Likewise, it’s not good for our body – if it’s enough to kill the bacteria in the water we drink, it could be enough to kill the healthy bacteria in our body.

    2. Removal of Flavours

    It’s not uncommon to notice slight tastes in ordinary tap water, which is a common reason people get filters for their homes. Some of the more common ‘flavours’ that you may taste in your water include chlorine, musty, mouldy, earthy, rusty, metallic and sulphuric tastes. Some of these tastes or smells may be due to the water supply and others may come from different systems within your home. A quality Filtap water filter will have no trouble removing these so you can have great tasting water year round.

    3. Waste Minimisation

    A water filter for your Wollongong home will likely help you reduce the amount of waste you produce. If you currently purchase bottled water for drinking like many people do, you’ll obviously cut out a whole heap of bottles from being wasted. Even if you only buy water occasionally for convenience, you might stop doing that too – water from our filters tastes better than most bottled water, so you’ll never forget to take a water bottle of your own filtered water wherever you go.

    4. Increased Water Consumption

    High water consumption isn’t usually considered a good thing, however, when talking about your personal water drinking habits, the more you drink the better. If you don’t like the regular water from your tap, you’re not going to drink as much as you would if it wasn’t so hard to drink. You’ll find that water that has been filtered by a Filtap water filter is super easy to swallow – you’ll want to keep going back for more!

    5. Save Money

    Not buying bottled water is obviously going to reduce waste and save money, however, some people may think that having to buy a filter might not be a good investment. It is true that some water filter companies will charge you a fortune for an average product, however, it is the opposite with us. Our products are of the highest quality and won’t cost you an arm or a leg! Over the lifetime of the product, the cost will be hardly noticeable.

    Wollongong Drinking Water

    The Perfect Under Sink Water Filter

    Our team of water filter experts here at Filtap can help you with any sort of water filter, however, our most popular type of water filter which we’ve become well known for, is our range of under sink water filters. From simple and extremely cost effective dual under sink water filters to great value 5 stage reverse osmosis filters, we’ve got the perfect under sink water filter to suit your needs and budget. Check out our range, then enquire online or call our team with any questions you may have or to arrange an installation.

    Complete Home Water Filtration

    While not being quite as affordable, having a whole house water filtration system means you can drink from any tap in the house without any worry. Being able to produce up to 20 litres of water a minute means that you can have two showers running at the same time and maintain a good pressure. There are a whole lot of benefits to be had by a full house water filter, including filtered shower water which can be better for your skin, so get in touch with our team today.

    Water Filters for Your Shower

    Our shower water filters are a great value way of being able to shower under chlorine-free water. This can have many benefits for your skin and hair health, which is why showering with filtered water is a much preferred option. Additionally, in a steamy shower, you could potentially be breathing in significant amounts of chlorine which isn’t something you should make a habit of! Feel the difference of showering under filtered water for yourself – call us today!

    Hot/Cold Water Dispensers & More

    In addition to our range of high-quality water filters, we have several other popular products on offer. Our hot/cold water dispensers offer the convenience of being able to supply boiling water for hot drinks or ice-cold water for cold drinks. You won’t need to wait for the kettle or keep topping up a bottle of water in the fridge. We can also supply and install water bubblers for an office space or other commercial environment. Whatever your drinking water needs are, we’ve got a solution. Give our friendly team a call today.

    We’ve Got the Perfect Water Filter for You!

    Twin Undersink
    Triple Undersink
    Quattro Alkaline
    5 Stage Reverse Osmosis

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    If you’re still undecided whether you want to get a water filter for your Wollongong home or business, you need to speak to one of our experts. They’ll be able to answer any questions and give further advice about what water filtration solution might suit your needs. We’ve got unbeatable prices and the highest quality products, so you can be sure you’ll be getting value for money. If you’ve got a full time job but would like to be home while we install your filter, we can arrange a time outside of work hours to come to you. We’ve had years of experience in Wollongong, Sydney, and the Central Coast, and we’ve got heaps of happy customers still enjoying their water filter today. Call us now for free advice or to order the perfect system for your home.

    Customer Review:

    Filtap Quattro Alkaline Water Filter

    “Perfect work. I’m in love with my water filter I actually cannot live without it. I’m very impressed with the work that Adam has provided.”

    Antonia – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

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