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If you’re looking for Melbourne’s best water filters, look no further. Filtap™ offers supply and installation of an impressive range of water filters. With unbeatable prices, quality workmanship and prompt service to all Melbourne areas, there’s never been a better time to start enjoying clean filtered water. From a basic twin under sink water filter to the most advanced 5 stage reverse osmosis filters, we’ve got you covered!

It’s so important that you have a water filtration solution that is quality made and will reliably serve you for many, many years. After all, you need to know that you can safely drink the filtered water from your faucet. The last thing you want is a poorly built product dumped on your front door that you have to waste countless hours trying to figure out how to install yourself! Filtap™ makes the whole process effortless. We handle everything for you, with advice on which model best suits your needs, full supply and installation.

No matter where you’re situated in Melbourne, our friendly and experienced team are ready to help with all your water filtration needs. Get in contact today.


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    Clean and Fresh Filtered Water on Tap

    At least 60% of the adult body is made of water. So it’s no surprise that we must drink water just to survive. And we’ve all had it drummed into us that we must drink at lease 8 glasses of water every day just to meet our bodies’ needs. So why not make sure you’re drinking water of the best quality from your own filtered water facet from the convenience of your own property!?

    Sure you could get a cheap water filter jug, but these are no match for a quality Filtap™ water filtration solution. Our systems are carefully designed and built to be completely seamless — all you have to do is turn on the tap, without having to worry about refilling jugs, or worrying about running out if you need more than a small amount of filtered water (for example if you have people over, after filling the kettle or are doing some cooking). What’s more, in most cases, our under sink water filters are hugely more capable (for example our 5 stage reverse osmosis system goes way beyond other inferior products).

    Are you searching for a great value water filter for your Melbourne Property? One that can remove all contaminants and operate seamlessly year round at the turn of a tap? If you answered ‘yes’, then a Filtap™ water filter is definitely worth you speaking with us about. We offer a range of convenient under sink filtration systems depending on your needs. Keep reading to find out more about our impressive range.

    Unbeatable Prices on Melbourne’s Best Range

    While any reasonable person would agree that they’d like to have clean filtered drinking water on tap in their own home/business,  having a cost effective solution available can often be the factor that makes them able to proceed in making it actually happen! At Filtap™, we totally get this. And that’s why we offer a quality product at an unbeatable price with everything you need included. Literally, all you have to do is pull the lever, and clean, filtered water will come out the tap! Our local Melbourne based team handle everything including supplying the right product, plumbing in and installing your filter and calibrating and testing your system to make sure everything is working as it should.

    Filtap™ Water Filters include a best price guarantee, but we don’t stop there. We’re proud to offer a range of water filtration models with something to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Our twin under sink water filter offers a very affordable solution as a starting point, effectively removing chlorine, bacteria, dirt, rust, sediments and more. We then offer our 3 stage, 4 stage models, and our top of the range 5 stage reverse osmosis model that filters out dissolved solids, metals, chemicals and fluoride. So no matter your needs and budget, there’s a Filtap™ water filter for you!

    There’s never been a better time to start enjoying fresh, clean filtered water on tap. Browse our quality range of undersink water filters and get in contact with our friendly and experienced team today and help you make it a reality!

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    Want Clean Filtered Water?

    With 30+ years experience, our friendly and experienced team are ready to make clean filtered water on tap a reality at your place! Once you have your own filtered water faucet, you’ll never want to go back!

    We have a range of water filtration options, so there’s something to suit everyone’s needs and budget. There are no hidden costs, Melbourne installation is included, and we have a range of easy payment options for your convenience.

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    Perfect for Your Melbourne Kitchen

    Melbourne boasts a population of approximately 5 million residents and is quickly catching up with Sydney. So maintaining Melbourne’s water supply is no small feat. Melbourne Water note on their website that they supplied more than 428 billion litres of drinking water in the last year! Based on our calculations, that’s enough to fill approximately 171,200 olympic swimming pools. The water authorities make use of several different reservoirs and do a pretty good job keeping water quality high. They do however mention on their website that the colour, taste and smell of your water can change throughout the course of the year.

    A quality Filtap™ water filter will help provide you with pure, clean drinking water throughout the entirety of the year, no matter what water is coming into your home. Whether your water is slightly coloured, tastes/smells bad or perhaps you just don’t like the idea of drinking chlorine — a Filtap™ filtration solution will mean you can count on the purest drinking water in your home or business all year round.

    5 Reasons Why a Filtap™ Water Filter is a ‘No Brainer’

    Clean Filtered Drinking Water from The Tap

    1. Peace of Mind

    Why would you put up with chlorine in your drinking water if you didn’t have to? Chlorine doesn’t just taste and smell funny. Chlorine is a disinfectant that is added to the drinking water supply to disinfect it and kill common pathogens. But do you really want to be drinking chlorine and putting this into your body 365 days a year? Our under the sink water filters remove chlorine amongst many other chemicals, dissolved solids and other substances from your drinking water. This not only makes your water taste and smell much better, but also helps to offer peace of mind rather than having to worry about the long term health effects of these sorts of chemicals.

    2. Make Your Drinking Water Taste and Smell Much Better

    Do you like the taste of pool water? How about the taste or smell of chlorine? Chlorine is actively used to treat Melbourne’s water supply, and why would you put up with this 365 days of the year in your own home or business? In our opinion, life is much too short to be drinking chlorine every day of the year. Particularly when there’s a proven solution that is highly effective, and literally as easy as turning on a tap!

    3. Say ‘Bye-Bye’ to Buying Bottled Water

    According to Choice, bottled water costs almost 2,000 times as much as tap water. It’s more expensive than milk and even petrol! If you buy bottled water a couple of times a week, you could easily spend more than $300 in a single year. Producing and transporting disposable drinking water bottles also consumes huge amounts of natural resources and creates enormous amounts of plastic waste in our environment. So why not just get a reusable bottle and fill it with clean, fresh water from your Filtap™ filtered water tap!?

    4. Staying Hydrated Will Be Much Easier

    Drinking water is essential for human survival. And yet so many people don’t drink enough water. It’s such a basic thing that can do wonders for your health. Unless they’re super thirsty, many people are put off by the taste and smell of normal treated water out of the tap. So by having pure fresh filtered drinking water on tap in your own home/business you’ll probably find it much easier to drink a healthy amount of water.

    5. Many Other Uses for Filtered Water

    Filtering your town water is a great idea resulting in much cleaner and better tasting water. But if you’re on bore water or tank water, this can be even more important to remove any microorganisms that could impact your health or make your food go bad sooner. Using filtered water in your cooking is also a great idea to make sure your home cooked food has the best possible taste. There are also many other good uses for filtered water. For example, using regular tap water to fill your cars windshield washer fluid can often result in these getting clogged up and filtered or distilled water is recommended.

    Drinking Water out of a Glass

    An Amazing Filter Tucked Out of Sight

    Filtap™ filtration systems are super-effective, but don’t for a moment think this means they will have to clog up your kitchen. Our systems are carefully designed to be installed underneath your sink, out of the way. Furthermore, we offer you the choice of several stylish tap design options to suit your place. We offer the choice of our amazing value twin under sink model, as well as the triple under sink, quattro alkaline and finally 5 stage reverse osmosis system depending on your needs and budget. Each one of these systems is not just a single filter, but a whole series of filters carefully engineered to produce perfectly clean and fresh water and conveniently fit under your sink!

    Want Filtered Water for the Whole House?

    Having a Filtap™ under sink system installed offers an amazing result at a great price. Want more? We also offer a whole house water filtration solution that removes sediments and chlorine from all taps and showers throughout the whole house. This can also help protect tap washers, appliances and hot water systems. Our whole house water filters can filter up to an impressive 20 litres of water every minute. Filtered water is believed to be healthier for your skin and hair than chlorinated water. Speak with our friendly Melbourne based team to see if this setup might be right for you.

    Enjoy Filtered Water in the Shower

    Do you like the idea of showering in chlorinated water? It’s not uncommon for some people to get a bit of minor irritation of the skin and eyes from Chlorine. And what are the long term health impacts of chlorine to your skin and body 365 days a year? If you’d prefer to shower in clean filtered water, and without having to worry about the effects of chlorine and other chemicals, one of our quality shower filters is certainly worth a look. Filtap™ shower filters remove all chlorine (even in hot water conditions) and boast a durable construction to withstand daily use. Chlorine-free showers also help to protect your skin and hair from dryness, making your hair and skin softer.

    Hot Water Boilers, Coolers & More

    We don’t stop at water filtration. We also supply and install chilled water bubblers, as well as instant hot water boilers and more. With an under sink boiler, hot water is instantly delivery to the sink and you can have hot water ready for your tea or coffee without delay. These systems are very straight forward and efficient by producing the exact amount of hot water that is needed (rather than having to rely on a large hot water service at the other end of the building with a lot of heat being lost along the way). Our water coolers are perfect for office spaces, and are reliable, compact and well designed. Contact us to discuss options.

    Filtap™ has the Perfect Water Filtration Solution for You!

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    We service all regions of Melbourne Victoria, including the CBD, inner city suburbs, the Eastern Suburbs and South-East Melbourne through to the Mornington Peninsula. We also offer prompt service to Melbourne’s Northern and Western Suburbs. Wherever you’re located, our friendly and experienced team are ready to assist. So no matter if you need help with a water filter installation, repairs, replacement or service  Filtap™ is the team for anything water filters in Melbourne.

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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 9/10 | Product: Filtap 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
    “It’s amazing! Highly recommend to others! We’ve had the filtered water for so long and honestly it makes a big change to our household. Just the thought of having clean filtered water is the best. I highly recommend this to everyone! Their services are just as great, and they ensure check ups are up to date with the filters.”

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