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With more than 30 years’ experience, Filtap™ can provide the perfect water filtration solution for your home, school or workplace. Since we buy direct from the manufacturers, we can provide you with the perfect, most reliable product at the very best price – guaranteed.

At Filtap™ we provide affordable water filter services (installation, repairs and maintenance) and offer a comprehensive range of drinking water purifiers for residential and commercial establishments in NSW (Greater Sydney, Central Coast & Wollongong areas). We aim to deliver an exceptionally high standard of service, and perform any type of job you may require to keep your water filter system working in optimum condition at all times.

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Filtap™ Water Filter

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1. Remove Chlorine and Other Harmful Chemicals

There’s no argument that drinking chlorine is a bad idea. Despite the levels in tap water usually being considered safe, it’s still much better to not face any of the health risks that these chemicals could potentially bring. Some people like their water completely free of any chemicals including fluoride, and fortunately we have the filters to get the job done. Check out our range of filters and see which ones will take out all chlorine and fluoride traces.

2. Your Water Will Taste Better (No Taste!)

When you visit other cities or even various parts of Sydney, you’ll notice a difference in the taste of tap water. Whatever the flavour is, you’ll much prefer your water without a flavour! Generally Sydney’s water doesn’t taste too bad, however, once you’ve enjoyed water from a Filtap™ water filter, you’ll never want to have unfiltered water again! Fortunately, all of our filters are built to last, so you won’t have to worry about bad tasting water again.

3. You Can Save Money & the Environment

Australians spend up to $2 billion a year on bottled water, which also means millions of plastic bottles to potentially harm the environment. A high percentage of these end up in landfill or even littered on roadsides. Additionally, the production of plastic bottles requires significant resources, contributing to global warming. It’s never been so easy to save money and the environment in one go. You won’t need to buy bottled water if you have a filter!

4. It’s Good for You

Not only do quality filters take out any harmful chemicals and microorganisms, with great tasting water, you’ll more than likely want to drink more of it. Drinking plenty of water is really important for your health. Some health advantages of drinking plenty of water can include weight loss, cognitive function, less headaches, a stronger immune system, less toxins and more. You can’t put a price on good health!

5. Better Tasting Food

If you’re making food that requires water, the tap water taste won’t affect it. A good filter will also take out any microorganisms, and that can help your food last longer when stored. Our under sink water filters are a great addition in any kitchen – contact our friendly team for free advice on which system is perfect for your needs.

More than Just Drinking Water Filters

At Filtap™ we don’t just sell your everyday water filters – we sell the highest quality filters of all kinds. Twin undersink filters are affordable for everyone and do everything that most people would want for better tasting drinking water. Triple undersink filters, 4 stage alkaline filters, and 5 stage reverse osmosis filters will help you get pure H2O, but will cost you a little more.

Whole House Filters

Some people opt for a whole house filter so that they can drink from any tap and rest easy knowing that chlorine and other harmful chemicals or microorganisms aren’t going to affect their showers, baths, washing, cooking, etc. Our systems can filter up to 20 litres of water every minute, so you won’t have to worry about running out! Pure water is also better for taps, hot water systems and appliances as there are no chemicals or other substances in the water that can build up over time.

Shower Filters

Another popular option is our shower filter, which effectively takes out the chlorine from your shower. Particularly when taking long hot showers, you may have noticed the bathroom start smelling like a swimming pool – this is from the chlorine. Not only will you no longer have to face this toxic gas, but you’ll notice a difference with your skin and hair feeling much nicer!

Coolers, Boilers, Bubblers & More!

In addition, the team at Filtap™ can provide you with water coolers, water boilers, and water bubblers. Our undersink water coolers and boilers are a popular option, and go perfectly with a water filter. The convenience of being able to get boiling water or nice cool water instantly is what makes these appliances so popular. Our water bubblers aren’t so popular in homes, but they’re the perfect solution for large workplaces, schools and other organisations, and offer easy access to pure drinking water.

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The team at Filtap are installing water filters and purifiers in homes and businesses across the Greater Sydney area every day. There are dozens of plumbers in our team, and they’re ready to come help with the installation of a new filter or the repair/replacement of an old one. Whether you’re located down in the Sutherland Shire, up on the Northern Beaches, in the heart of the CBD, or on the outskirts of Western Sydney, there’s a team member near you, ready to come and help. Whether you’re looking for a 5 stage reverse osmosis system or just a simple shower filter, we can do it all when it comes to water filters. Give our friendly team a call now for prompt Sydney service.

Central Coast

On the top side of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the Central Coast is an important part of our service area with many customers reliant on our top quality service. The Central Coast is a wonderful place to call home, and it’s even better when you can drink pure water from one of our amazing water filters. Get yours installed today by calling our friendly team for a quote and installation time!


While Wollongong isn’t a part of Sydney, it’s close enough that we can easily provide the same great service that Sydney residents get. While our warehouse is in Sydney, we’ve got local plumbers in Wollongong with all the equipment and supplies needed to help you with your water filter requirements. Our experienced team have fitted and repaired water filters of all shapes and sizes, and have travelled to all sorts of locations to do so. It doesn’t matter where in the Wollongong area you are, give our friendly team a call and we can have your home water filter needs attended to promptly.

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