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For your better protection and peace of mind, your drinking water should be free from dirt, rust, chlorine, heavy metals and other dangerous contaminants. Whether you’re from the City, Greater Western Sydney, the Eastern Suburbs, Southern Sydney or the Northern Suburbs, access to clean and safe drinking water is a must if you want to stay healthy and get the most out of life. And as life gets busy, it gets hard to focus on moving forward if the drinking water is far from safe.

Although the water from our tap is considered safe based on the latest standards and guidelines, this might not be enough to protect you from water contaminants. First, small amounts of chlorine are introduced into water for disinfection. Although this effectively kills pathogens, chlorinated tap water might result to certain types of cancers. After all, chlorine is an effective disinfectant because of its action against bacteria cells. This might have a similar effect to human cells which can manifest after years or decades of consuming chlorinated tap water. Not to mention the possible chemical reactions of chlorine with other substances (e.g. formation of trihalomethanes which may cause other health problems).

Also, tap water might have picked up contaminants along the way after treatment. Due to leaks, spills, corrosion or encrustation (scale build-up), new contaminants are introduced into the water. These can harm people especially young children, elderly people and others who have weakened immune systems or compromised health.

The search for a quality Sydney water filter

In Greater Sydney alone, there are more than 1.8 million private dwellings and 480,000+ businesses. The Sydney’s metropolitan population has now reached over 5 million.

Each of them requires safe and clean drinking water every day. The water that comes out of our taps is considered safe according to the latest standards. But you know it’s not enough to keep you, your family or your employees safe from water contaminants.

That’s why many Sydney residents, managers and business owners search for a reliable, high-performance and top-quality water filtration solutions for their homes or workplaces. Filtap comes first to mind when it comes to those requirements.

Here at Filtap, we have authentic water filter systems that are proven to remove dirt, rust, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful water contaminants. All the parts are made from US, UK or Australia so rest assured that you’ll only be having a genuine water filtration system in your home or workplace.

We also have high-performance shower filters and whole house filters that can effectively remove dirt and chlorine. This way, every drop of water you use will be better for washing, showering, and other purposes.

Sydney complete drinking water system solutions


Whether you’re in Hawkesbury, Macarthur or anywhere in between, our technical team here at Filtap can install your chosen water filter or drinking water system for your home or workplace. We only use high-quality pipes and fittings to ensure perfect installation. We also perform advanced flow checks and pressure testing to ensure the system is working as it should.

Many of us are very careful and selective when it comes to the food we consume. More and more people now are choosing organic foods. In fact, we’ve become also selective in the performances we watch whether in TV or the Sydney Opera House.

But what about our drinking water? Are you paying enough attention to the water you drink every day? It’s one of the most underrated aspects of modern living but the impact can be irreversible and long term.

So if you want to prioritise and ensure clean and safe drinking water, choose us here at Filtap. Our services cover the entire Sydney including the following areas:

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