Canterbury Water Filters

Along Canterbury Road, Close Street, Charles Street and Broughton Street there are high-density mixed use buildings. With commercial offices and stores (Woolworths shopping centre located on the corner of Canterbury Road and Charles Street), access to goods and commercial amenities is convenient even without going to the City (although it’s just minutes away).

Parks and gardens such as Tasker Park and Mary MacKillop Reserve have somehow made it easier to step back from the modern pressures of work and living. Indeed, Canterbury is a great place to somehow achieve a balanced lifestyle because of the commercial amenities and relaxation centres available here.

Canterbury Water Filter

But we have to take of the basics first especially when it comes to the water we drink every day. This has been our focus here at Filtap as we supply and install authentic and high-performance drinking water purifiers for Canterbury homes.

Rest assured that all the parts and components are made in US, UK or Australia. Also, our technicians ensure perfect function by performing flow checks and pressure tests. They even do a quick installation (less than 30 minutes) so you can have access to clean and safe water as soon as possible.

Our drinking water purifier product range includes:

Each of these units are designed to effectively remove dirt, rust, asbestos, chlorine, trihalomethanes, heavy metals and other impurities. With compact and sophisticated designs (each unit can endure high pressure and heavy use), it’s a perfect addition to any home.

We also have whole house filtration systems and shower filters that effectively remove dirt and chlorine. Whether it’s for washing or showering, the water you use every day will be safer (chlorine is a known irritant).

Canterbury Water Bubblers, Boilers and More

We also have water bubblers, water coolers, undersink chillers, undersink boilers and wall-mounted water boilers that can withstand daily use while still delivering the hot, cold or refreshing water you, your family or your staff needs. Our technicians ensure proper installation and in case there are issues, our team can quickly service the unit so that there will be minimal inconveniences.

Here at Filtap, we’ve made access to clean drinking water convenient and quick. You can contact us today if you require a water filter or a drinking water system (water bubbler, water cooler, wall-mounted water boiler). You can also ask us about our Special Offers, discounted rates, free installation and comprehensive warranties on parts and labour.