Twin Undersink

Our Twin Under Sink Water Filter can fit under almost any sink. This neat and compact under sink water filter is a convenient size and shape which is why it is so easy to have installed under almost any kitchen sink.

Aside from the neat and compact water filter system, you also get a complimentary chrome and ceramic disc tap. With quality products installed in each step of the filtering process up to the outlet, you are sure to get clean and safe water for your family.

Our System Removes Bacteria, Sediments and Microparticles

Our Twin Under Sink Water Filter with NSF 42 & 53 certification is tested and proven to remove E. coli, Salmonella and other harmful microorganisms.

It also effectively removes Volatile Organic Compounds, lead, aluminium and chlorine.

Because of its reliability and effectiveness in removing microorganisms and chemicals, you can drink the water straight from the faucet. You can also bottle it and take it with you to work or wherever you travel.

You can also use the water to prepare your food, coffee or tea – all without worrying about what chemicals might possibly be there. It’s guaranteed that what you’re drinking and using is clean and pure.

All Quality and High-Performance Materials

You and your family deserve the best. That’s why every piece of our under the sink water filters are made of top quality parts.

The stainless steel bracket and tubes, quick-connect fittings, and the high-grade pressure housings are all built to endure and serve you for many months and years.

The 1-micron sediment prefilter (superfine polypropylene cartridge) and the 0.4 micron carbon “super block” post-filter (superior chemical and heavy metal removal) ensures that every drop of water you drink is free from impurities.

Cartridge Lifespan and Replacements

Good news is the cartridges are quick and easy to replace. They also have a long lifespan (up to 12 months of continuous clean water for your family).

Lifetime Warranty for All Customers

Yes. That’s what competitors can’t provide. That’s why here at Filtap™ we stand out and lots of customers are calling us.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all installations of our Twin Undersink Water Filter. Call us at any time and our experienced technicians will be happy to service the system. There are no call out fees or extra costs for you.

Affordable Clean Water for You and Your Family

If you call us now, we will beat any competitor quote out there. All our products and services are top notch and affordable.

We only use top quality parts and many of our products are exclusively made for us. It’s guaranteed that you get the best product, the best service, and the best price.

Call us now at 1300 734 156 and learn about our most affordable pricing. We are available 24/7.