Undersink Boiler

Filtap™ Undersink Boilers

Need an instant hot water system in your home? Our under sink boilers can deliver hot water quickly to your tap. This is different from conventional water heater systems, wherein the heating unit is located behind the wall, often behind concrete. As a result, as the hot water travels throughout the pipes, some of the heat is lost and there is a delay for heat to arrive at the outlet.

Our Filtap™ under sink boiler is more straightforward and more efficient. Hot water is delivered instantly to the sink. As a result, you save on utility bills by converting all electricity used into heated water into the exact amount that is needed. Now you don’t have to wait and you can have hot water ready for your coffee or tea.

Woman with Hot Drink

Best Value, More Convenience

Every dollar you pay on your electricity bill translates into heat because of the efficient design of our instant hot water system.

You’ll have no heat wastage and you’ll get your hot water fast. This is convenience at its best. Boiling water using a kettle involves a lot of steps. With the under the sink water heater, you get it straight away with no effort needed.

Insinkerator Boiler

Forget about using the kettle! It’s slow and inefficient. Our Insinkerator boiler is an energy-saving and automatic boiler that uses less energy to keep the water hot.

How does it work? This boiler has an energy-saving lever that automatically switches off. This way it saves electricity while delivering the hot water you need for all your mornings and evenings.

Aside from that, the Insinkerator boiler also provides cool drinking water for your everyday needs. Talk about two birds in one stone. The cool setting stays on, which ensures a steady supply of cool drinking at the outlet.

This energy-saving automatic boiler is also stylish and sophisticated. You can choose from 12 designer finishes including almond, French gold, matte black, and brushed chrome.

Hydra Master Boiler

With just the touch of a button, your filtered boiling water will be ready instantly. That’s what you get if you have the Hydra Master Boiler in your kitchen area.

Because of its function and sophistication, many homeowners are already proud to have this boiler in their kitchen. In addition, it’s also equipped with a childproof safety feature. This feature effectively reduces the chances of scalding.

The Hydra Master Boiler is a perfect companion for the Triple Undersink Water Filter (3-Stage Filtration Process). Whether you’re at home or at the workplace, you get your hot and cool drinking water instantly while making sure it’s pure and clean.

Under the Sink Boiler for Your Home

Our range of under sink boilers offer convenience, function, speed and efficiency. It’s the perfect system to provide your Sydney, Central Coast or Wollongong home with hot water right when you need it. We also offer prompt service in Melbourne as well.

Call us now at 1300 734 156 and we’ll gladly install our highly efficient boiler in your home or office.