Mount Druitt Water Filter

Diversity and accessibility may define Mount Druitt. Everyone’s got easy access to shops, schools, banks, restaurants, cafes and other businesses. But not everyone has access to clean and safe water every day.

But if you want to make sure every drop of water you drink is free from the most dangerous contaminants, call us today here at Filtap 1300 734 156. We have complete water filtration systems that can fit under almost any kitchen sink. This will allow you to have access to clean drinking water 24/7.

Sophisticated Water Filters Mount Druitt

Starting from our Twin Undersink Filter with NSF 42 & 53 certification, you can be sure that your drinking water will be free from dirt, chlorine, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With the system’s 1-micron sediment prefilter (superfine polypropylene cartridge) and the 0.4 micron carbon “super block” post-filter (superior chemical and heavy metal removal), you’re certain that every drop of water is free from the most dangerous contaminants.

We also have Triple Undersink Filters with an additional stage that ensures pleasurable taste of water. This will make healthy hydration a reality because you’ll be encouraged to drink water instead of reaching out to a can of sugary beverage. As one of our bestsellers ($200 inc GST, free installation, free upgrade to a designer tap), you can already find this in many homes and apartments in Mount Druitt.

Mount Druitt Water Filter & Other Products

We aim to be a complete source of quality drinking water systems in Mount Druitt and throughout Sydney. That’s why aside from Twin and Triple Undersink Filters, we also provide and install the following:

  • 5-Stage Full Reverse Osmosis System (can also fit under almost any kitchen sink, with 0.005 micron Ultrafine TFC RO Membrane)
  • Shower filters that can filter up to 70,000 litres of water (enough for one year use of the whole family)
  • Whole house filtration systems (Filters up to 20 litres of water every minute)
  • Undersink boilers (energy-efficient, high-performance)
  • Compact undersink water chillers (Cools 6 litres of water per hour)
  • Wall-mounted water boilers for workplaces (160 cups of water per hour, enough for the whole staff)
  • Water coolers (Australian-made, easy to install)
  • Heavy duty water bubblers for workplaces (Neat drinking because bubblers prevent squirting)

We source directly from the most reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and affordability. The manufacturer’s mark and country of origin are stamped onto the moulds of the parts. You can be sure that each part is made in Australia, US, UK or Canada.

So phone us today at 1300 734 156 and the Filtap staff will gladly assist you and answer your enquiries. You can enquire about our free installation, comprehensive warranties and other special offers.