Carlingford Water Filter

The Mobbs Hill and the Galaringi Reserve provide a great escape from fast-paced and busy work. The professional or business life also becomes a bit more tolerable because of the tree-lined streets and commercial amenities available here in Carlingford.

This beautiful suburb also provides a nice contrast from the City because of the abundance of heritage sites (Aboriginal, natural, churches, gardens, industrial sites and other structures). Just a quick visit to the Carlingford Produce Store, Old Dundas Quarry, Lauriston House or Mobbs Hill Reservoir provides a glimpse of the Carlingford’s long and rich history.

Carlingford Water Filters

We’ve also established a long and strong history here at Filtap when it comes to supplying, installing and servicing drinking water purifiers. Through the years many Carlingford residents have contacted us to install the water filters in their homes.

Our authentic product range includes:

  • Twin Undersink Filter (with NSF 42 & 53 certification)
  • Triple Undersink Filter (with super block carbon cartridge that removes 99.99% of heavy metals)
  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System (0.005 micron Ultrafine TFC RO Membrane, up to 100 litres per day)
  • Shower Filter (makes your showering cleaner and safer)
  • Whole House Filter (removes sediments and chlorine from all taps)

Our experienced technicians will install the entire system and ensure reliability and performance through flow checks and pressure tests. Rest assured that the unit you purchase will last long because the brackets and screws are made from stainless steel (non-corrosive and superior strength). In addition, the parts are made in US, UK or Australia for guaranteed quality and longevity.

Carlingford Water Bubbler, Cooler, Boiler and More

Through the years we’ve also become known as a supplier and installer of drinking water systems including:

  • Water bubbler (heavy-duty specifically designed for workplaces)
  • Water cooler (can be readily connected to water filtration systems)
  • Wall-mounted water boiler (sleek and compact design, up to 160 cups of hot water per hour)
  • Undersink boiler (on-demand hot water, energy efficient)
  • Undersink chiller (refreshing cold water anytime especially during hot summer days)

Depending on your requirements (number of workers, available space), we can provide you with excellent recommendations so you, your family or your staff will stay hydrated all day long (or get the hot or cold water they need anytime).

Many Carlingford residents and business owners choose us here at Filtap because of our technical expertise, product knowledge, extensive parts and labour warranty and commitment to performance and customer satisfaction. We only supply authentic units and use genuine parts so that the entire system will be clean and reliable.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your requirements. You can also ask us about our Specials, comprehensive warranty and free installation.