Hornsby Water Filter

Looking for a quality drinking water system? Call us today at Filtap (1300 734 156) if you want a high-performance and affordable water filter for your home.

Our water filters are already installed in many homes (classic and modern), apartments and townhouses. Through the years, Hornsby residents and families have contacted us to ensure that their drinking water is clean and safe.

Affordable Water Filters in Hornsby

We source directly from the most reputable manufacturers and pass on the savings to you. It’s also our way of ensuring high quality in all of the products we install.

Our experienced technicians (24/7 availability) ensure optimal effectiveness and performance in each installation. They also perform pressure tests and flow checks so everything works perfectly the next time you open your tap.

Our water filters are compact and high capacity (e.g. around 100 litres daily output of clean water). These are already adequate for small families. Many workers, families and retirees in Hornsby have already chosen Filtap for their quality drinking water system requirements.

Complete Drinking Water Solutions for Every Home

We’re actually a one-stop shop when it comes to drinking water needs. That’s because we have a complete range of products to ensure clean, safe and refreshing water for homes and offices.

Let’s start with our shower filters that are very effective in removing chlorine. This disinfectant can cause irritations (not to mention the long-term effects of daily exposure). To keep you safe, our shower filters can filter up to 70,000 litres of water (one year use for the whole family).

We also have whole house filtration systems so no chlorine and sediment will come out of all the taps and showers. This system will ensure every drop of water you use will be free from harmful chlorine, dirt and sediments.

For clean and safe drinking water, we have twin, triple and 5-stage reverse osmosis undersink filter systems. Each unit can fit almost under any kitchen sink. Even with their small size, expect high performance (0.005 micron filter that can process up to 100 litres per day for reverse osmosis). The whole system can remove dirt, chlorine, heavy metals and other pollutants.

Hornsby Water Coolers & Boilers

We also offer and install water coolers, undersink boilers and chillers, wall mounted water boilers & water bubblers. This is to ensure you’ll always have access to cool and refreshing water (or hot water for your favourite hot beverage).

Our Australian-made water coolers are stylish and energy-efficient. These are already installed in many Hornsby business offices. It’s also what happened with our water bubblers and wall mounted water boilers. Many staffs and departments have already these installed to ensure refreshing or hot water all day long.

Hornsby families, workers and retirees can also have hot water all day long (anytime of the day) because of our undersink water boilers. Our energy-efficient units can provide hot water on demand with minimal loss of heat and energy.

Hornsby Water Filter for Your Home or Office

Call us today at Filtap (1300 734 156) if you want a high-quality, high-performance and affordable drinking water system in Sydney for you, your family or your staff. Our experienced technicians can do a quick and free installation so you can immediately get access to clean and safe drinking water wherever you are in Sydney, Wollongong or the Central Coast.