Redfern Water Filter

Redfern is just starting. Expect more exciting residential and commercial developments for the next coming years. After all, it’s just moments from the CBD and surrounded by highly developed and fast growing suburbs. Redfern is positioned for success in the first place.

Expect rapid changes as a result of gentrification and more infrastructure development. But what remains the same is our commitment here at Filtap to provide excellent, affordable and high-performance water filtration solutions for homes, schools, businesses and workplaces.

Water Filter to Remove Dirt, Chlorine and More

Whether you’re shopping along Elizabeth Street or just buying from the supermarket, certainly you take some time to evaluate a product’s value. It’s especially the case with food and costly items. You don’t want to make the mistake of buying a product that’s of low quality or questionable value.

That should also be the case when choosing a water filter. After all, you’ll be drinking water each day and although you might be spending a lot of time in local cafes, bars and restaurants, most of the time you’ll be staying indoors. And much of the water you drink every day might still be coming from the tap.

Here at Filtap our solutions ensure that every drop of water coming from the tap will be free from chlorine, dirt, asbestos and heavy metals. With NSF Certifications and sourced directly from the most reputable manufacturers, our water filtration solutions (Twin Undersink, Triple Undersink, 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis) are guaranteed to perform and last for a long time.

Complete Drinking Water System Solution

Aside from water filters to make drinking water safer, our product range also includes:

  • Undersink boilers (instant hot water system)
  • Wall-mounted water boilers (perfect for the workplace)
  • Undersink chillers (stay refreshed & hydrated all day long)
  • Water bubblers (convenient access to drinking water)

We also have Shower Filters and Whole House Filtration Systems so every drop of water will be free from chlorine and sediments. For 30+ years, we’ve evolved to become a one-stop shop for water purification solutions for residential and commercial clients. We’ve also built solid partnerships with reputable manufacturers so we can pass on the savings to you and ensure complete supplies.

Redfern Water Filter

Through the years we’ve witnessed Redfern’s development. This is great news to us because more and more individuals and families are getting their water filters from us. As a result, we’ve built a favourable reputation among many Redfern residents and business owners.

Today you can discover why our products and services stand out. You can send us an enquiry online and ask us about our affordable product range. You can tell us about your requirements and our technical staff will give an excellent recommendation and tell you about our free installation, complimentary tap and extensive labour and parts warranty for Sydney residents.