Belmore Water Filters

With the main commercial area located along Burwood Road and other commercial and industrial developments along Canterbury Road and surrounding streets, Belmore is one of the ideal places for first homeowners, young professionals and families to establish their roots. With a unique blend of cultures and backgrounds, Belmore is one proof that diversity and variety are good.

Aside from the commercial amenities (and diversity of restaurants and cafes), the suburb also has the Belmore Sportsground (once the home of the legendary Canterbury Bulldogs) and a number of school facilities such as St Josephs Primary School, Belmore North Public School and All Saints Grammar.

Water Filter Belmore

Belmore has it all and if you’re looking for more, the City is just minutes away. But you don’t have to go to the City and further if you’re looking for a high-performance drinking water purifier (all parts and components made in US, UK or Australia). Here at Filtap, we have genuine water filtration solutions perfect for individuals and families.

Our sophisticated and compact water filters can fit under almost any kitchen sink. Our high-performance and affordable product range includes:

These effectively remove dirt, rust, sediments, chlorine, trihalomethanes, heavy metals and other impurities. Rest assured that the drinking water will be safe even for young children.

Here at Filtap we also supply and install shower filters and whole house filtration solutions which effectively remove dirt and chlorine. Our fully qualified and experienced technicians can completely install your chosen unit and ensure it’s functioning well by conducting advanced flow checks and pressure tests.

Complete Drinking Water System Belmore

Aside from water filter solutions, our authentic product range also includes:

  • Undersink boilers (perfect for residences)
  • Wall-mounted water boilers (instant hot water to prepare coffee or tea in workplaces)
  • Undersink chillers (stay refreshingly hydrated all day long)
  • Water bubblers (heavy duty and recommended for departments and entire workplaces)

Our technicians ensure proper installation and in case there are issues, our technicians can quickly service the unit so that it will get back up and running perfectly. We only use the best tools and parts to ensure perfect functioning, efficiency and reliability.

Contact us today here at Filtap and enquire us about our specials, discounted rates, free installation, free upgrade to a designer tap and extensive warranties on parts and labour.