Clyde Water Filter

As a commercial and industrial area, Clyde has become one of the centres of business activities. With factories, workshops, distribution centres and warehouses, it’s not an ideal place for residences (which is why it’s primarily an industrial and commercial area).

But for business activities to go on and sustain workplace productivity, the managers and workers should stay hydrated all day long. Staying hydrated (and making sure the drinking water is clean and refreshing) is important not just in maintaining mental focus but also in protecting the physical health.

Clyde Water Bubbler, Cooler and Boiler

Here at Filtap we have heavy-duty water bubblers specifically designed for workplaces. This will help the whole team stay hydrated all day long especially during rush and long production schedules. The water bubbler will also be valuable for the office staff who need to maintain their mental focus especially during the unusually hot summer days.

Water bubbler features:

  • Available in 10L/hr, 19L/hr and 26L/hr capacities
  • Quick servicing (easy to remove front panel and simple filter changes)
  • Stainless steel top and tank
  • Glass fillers and bubblers are durable and reliable (tamper-proof, adjustable)

Many of our commercial and industrial customers choose the RM Blizzard water bubbler because of the following reasons:

  • Proven performance, Australian-made and award-winning design
  • Vandal- and impact-resistant construction (the top and basin are made from strong polyethylene)
  • Easy and quick servicing and maintenance
  • 100% rust-proof cabinet

We also have compact water coolers that can reliably deliver refreshing water to the whole team. Many of our clients choose this over regularly purchasing bottled water because of environmental reasons. In addition, we have energy-efficient water coolers that can be easily connected to water purification systems (ensure refreshing and clean water).

For hot water needs (preparing a cup of coffee or tea), we have sleek and sophisticated wall-mounted water boilers that can deliver up to 160 cups of hot water per hour (more than enough for a normal workplace). The stainless steel surface guarantees longevity and durability (plus excellent protection for the interior components). The whole unit is also guaranteed to be energy-efficient so that you can still get the hot water unit without worrying too much about electricity consumption.

Clyde Water Filter

Aside from water bubblers, coolers and wall-mounted boilers, Filtap also supplies, installs and services water filters. Our product range includes:

Contact us here today at Filtap if you require high-performance drinking water systems for your workplace. You can tell us your requirements and we’ll provide you with cost-effective recommendations.