Bankstown Water Filters

Bankstown is an active community made possible by people coming from different backgrounds. But there’s one thing in common among different cultures: The need for clean and safe water for everyday use and consumption.

Here at Filtap we provide high-quality water filters that remove the most dangerous pollutants including bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, asbestos and volatile organic compounds. We have affordable solutions available to everyone.

Practical & Reliable Water Filters in Bankstown

Our rigorous drinking water systems can fit under almost any kitchen sink. Whether it’s a 2-stage or 5-stage reverse osmosis system, we have a compact and reliable solution to brick family homes, apartments and newly-developed duplex homes.

Aside from providing reliable and quality filters, our professional team also performs on-time full installations so you can immediately use and consume clean drinking water. Our experienced technicians always use quality parts and components made from Australia, USA, UK or Canada.

Our full range of products

We have excellent products with basic and thorough processes for purifying water such as:

  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis
  • Triple Undersink Water Filters (3-Stage Filtration)
  • Twin Undersink Filters (2-Stage Filtration)
  • Whole House Filtration (removes chlorine & sediments from all the water coming into the house)
  • Shower filters (remove chlorine & sediments before the water touches your skin)


We also have other products that make access to cold or hot water much easier:

  • Undersink boilers (instant hot water system)
  • Wall-mounted water boilers (perfect for the workplace)
  • Undersink chillers (stay refreshed & hydrated all day long)
  • Water bubblers (convenient access to drinking water)


Many individuals, couples, families and business owners call us at 1300 734 156 whether they need a water filter system or a water bubbler. We have complete solutions and our expert technicians are always available to install your chosen system.

Why Choose Filtap?

We offer excellent products at the best price. Others may still offer unreasonably low fees (a lot lower than we charge) but often the reliability is sacrificed.

Here at Filtap we prioritise reliability above all because we understand the need for clean and safe water 24/7. All the parts and components of our filtration systems are built to withstand corrosion and high pressure. We directly source all our products from the most reputable manufacturers.

Our expert technicians strictly follow manufacturer specifications and adhere to high standards for each job. They also do a flow check and pressure test to ensure everything is working well before you and your family use and drink the water.

Contact Us for a Reliable & Quality Water Filter

Through the years many Bankstown residents and business offices already contacted us for their clean water requirements. You can start with our Triple Undersink Water Filters which may cost only <$300 (you may get a Discount or Free Installation if you contact us today).

If you want a more rigorous system you can choose our sophisticated 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System with an ultrafine membrane (removes most contaminants including microparticles).

Send us your enquiry and our friendly staff will be quick to answer your questions. You can ask us about the warranty, Service Guarantee and the quality of our reliable water filtration systems. You can call us on 1300 734 156. We provide on-site service all throughout NSW.