Eastwood Water Filter

With a timeless appeal and community lifestyle, Eastwood is the place to be not just for families but also for married couples and young single people. With casual eateries, cafes and restaurants (plus several businesses that cater to people of Asian, European and other cultures), the suburb has become an ideal home.

Although many stores were closed due to growth of nearby areas, Eastwood is still growing and in fact its identity has been somehow preserved due to the temporary inactivity. We can still have a glimpse of Eastwood’s rich history because of the landmarks such as the Brush Farm House and Eastwood Park Grandstand and Pavilion. Also, the Brush Farm has continued to become a thriving home for owls, doves and other interesting animals.

Eastwood Water Filter

But for a modern suburb (while still protecting the ecosystems) such as Eastwood to thrive, it’s important that the basics are covered first. It’s especially the case in clean and safe drinking water. After all, it’s about your health and without safe drinking water, leading an interesting and productive life is impossible.

That’s why here at Filtap we are committed to supplying and installing only authentic and reliable water filters. Our product range includes:

  • Twin Undersink Water Filter
  • Triple Undersink Water Filter
  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System (with 0.005 micron Ultrafine TFC RO membrane)
  • Shower Filter (can filter up to 70,000 litres of water)
  • Whole House Filtration System (removes sediments and chlorine from all taps)

We have experienced technicians who can ensure proper installation and perfect functioning through flow checks and pressure tests. Rest assured that the parts are non-corrosive and up to the highest standards (parts are made in US, UK or Australia to ensure quality and longevity).

Eastwood Water Bubbler, Cooler, Boiler and More

Having safe and clean water is also important in workplaces. In addition, it’s important to stay hydrated all day or have a cup of hot water for coffee especially during long hours of work and meetings.

As a result, we’ve also included the following in our product range:

  • Water bubbler (available in 10L/hr, 19L/hr and 26L/hr capacities)
  • Water cooler (can be connected to the filtration system)
  • Wall-mounted boiler (perfect for workplaces, with modern design)
  • Undersink boiler (ideally for homes)
  • Undersink chiller (ideally for homes)

Our experienced technicians will ensure proper installation and perfect functioning. When it’s time for servicing, we’ll do it promptly to minimise the interruptions to your home or work activities. We service from Wollongong, through Sydney, and up to the Central Coast

Contact us here today at Filtap to ensure authenticity, quality and performance. You can ask us about our product range, comprehensive warranties, free installations and current discounted rates.