Campbelltown Water Filter

Both new homeowners and older residents in Campbelltown choose us here at Filtap when it comes to their water filtration needs. We have 2,3, 4 and 5-stage water filters that ensure 24/7 access to clean and safe water.

Our sophisticated water filtration systems are now installed in 60s homes, brick houses, villas and modern apartments. We also have other products (wall mounted water boilers, water coolers and water bubblers) installed in many workplaces in Campbelltown and all throughout Sydney.

Quality & Affordable Drinking Water System

Our water filters effectively remove microbes, chlorine, trihalomethanes, heavy metals and other impurities. For $200 (incl. GST), we can install a complete 3-stage water filtration system under your kitchen sink. We also offer free upgrade to a designer tap and free installation.

For 30+ years, Filtap has been providing perfect filtration solutions for homes. Our experienced and client-focused technicians also perform testing to ensure everything’s working perfectly. Our goal is to ensure individuals and families have access to clean and safe water every day.

Our Products

We are dedicated to providing highly effective solutions and products to residences and workplaces. That’s why our range of products includes:

  • Twin undersink filters (removes chlorine, VOCs & other contaminants)
  • Triple undersink water filters (with super block carbon cartridge)
  • 5-stage reverse osmosis system (with 0.005 micron Ultrafine TFC RO Membrane, up to 100 litres per day)
  • Whole house filters (remove all sediments & chlorine before water comes out from all taps)
  • Shower filters (chlorine removal for safer bathing)
  • Undersink boilers (instant & on-demand hot water)
  • Wall-mounted water boilers (elegant system for workplaces)
  • Water bubblers (heavy duty source of water for the staff)
  • Undersink chillers (cold water to quench thirst especially during summers)

Aside from installations, we also do repairing and servicing of all brands of water filters and other products. Our technicians have already handled hundreds of assignments through the years.

Why Choose Filtap

Our NSF-certified filters are in use in all of our water filtration solutions. The goal is provide you with the safest option when it comes to ensuring clean water for you and your family.

We also provide fast and friendly service so you can immediately enjoy the benefits of drinking and using clean water. We also offer a lifetime warranty on installation, tubing, fittings and housing. You gain peace of mind that there’s minimal upkeep cost through the years.

Our customers also get the best value from our products. Some of them have relocated and we’ve re-installed their water filters at no extra charge. We even repair and service filtration systems installed by other companies.

Campbelltown Water Filter

For $200 to $300 (plus GST), you can already have a reliable and sophisticated water purification system in your home or workplace. With free installation and free designer tap, it’s difficult to beat that deal.

As an Australian-owned family business, we directly source our products from the most reputable manufacturers. We’ve also been a part of the community, which is one of the main reasons many individuals, families and business owners trust us.

Call us today at 1300 734 156 if you want a fast service. You can also ask us about our Special Packages & Deals.