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Triple Undersink Water Filter

Our Triple Under Sink Water Filtration System Gold Series is only exclusively available from us.

Its 3-stage process is highly effective in removing harmful microorganisms and chemicals. Your family is sure to have access to clean and safe water 24/7.

Free installation and lifetime warranty

With FREE installation and lifetime warranty, many homeowners have already taken advantage of this deal.

Fresh purified water is certain. The best thing about it all is you get affordable prices. You save on installation costs (it’s free) and the whole system is actually affordable (we beat all our competitors when it comes to this).

3-stage filtration process to ensure clean and safe water

The first stage: (ceramic sterasyl filter) removes up to 99.99% of all trihalomethanes and other impurities.

The second stage: (super block carbon cartridge) removes up to 99.99% of the harmful heavy metals.

The third stage: (coconut shell carbon) ensures pleasurable taste of the pure water.

The best available technologies and premium-grade materials

Our goal is to ensure families in NSW are safe at all times when it comes to their drinking water. That’s why we use the best research-backed technologies and only use premium-grade materials in all installations.

The stainless steel bracket and screws are all non-corrosive, superior strength and long-lasting. The high-grade housings are built to endure the pressure. Absolutely, you’re sure that it’s all highly durable.

With stylish separate tap for your pure filtered drinking water

Complete the setup with this stylish tap. It adds elegance and sophistication to any sink area. In addition, it adds trust and confidence that the water you get from the tap is absolutely clean.

You can choose from our designer faucets according to your preference and style of your home. You can choose the modern and a bit classical faucet. It’s your choice.

Under Sink Water Filtration System for Homes

Our 3-stage water filtration system has already made many families safe when it comes to their drinking water.

With the lifetime warranty, affordable product and free installation, you get the best value and at the same time protect your family from harmful microorganisms and substances.

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