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Undersink Chiller

Compact Water Chillers and Filters

At Filtap, our under sink water chillers are designed to take little space in the home or office.

Aside from being compact, these water chillers can deliver cold water anytime. Whenever you’re thirsty, just use it and stay hydrated all day.

Convenient and more efficient

Why still rely on the refrigerator for cold water? It’s slow and very inefficient. Whenever you open the fridge, it will work harder to maintain the cool temperature inside. This means lost energy and higher electricity bills (especially during the hot summer days).

But with an under sink water chiller, it’s more efficient and you get cold and refreshing water in an instant. Even during hot summer days, you get cold water that will keep you refreshed all day.

Easy to install and eco-friendly

Aside from convenience and efficiency, this water chiller unit is also easy to install. It can easily be connected with your existing water lines. Our professionals can install it real quick and you can start enjoying cold water in your home or office.

It’s also eco-friendly which is why many environmentally aware people choose this to provide their refreshing water. No need to buy bottled water at the store. Imagine how many plastic bottles you’ll prevent from ending up in the landfill.

Perfect companion for drinking fountains and water filters

Yes. It’s easy to connect the water filters and drinking fountains with our under the sink water chiller. You get reliable and pure water while enjoying its refreshing taste.

Undersink water chiller features

  • Fully Automatic
  • Stainless steel chilling tank with 1.5 litre capacity
  • Cools 6 litres of water per hour (enough for the whole family)
  • Inlet, outlet and drain pipes made from premium stainless steel that help ensure cleanliness and durability

Quick installation by our team of specialists

Call us and our team will install the unit quickly. You get the product and you enjoy the Free installation.

Yes. The installation is free. What’s more is that you can use the water chiller instantly. Our technicians have already installed water chillers for hundreds of homes all over NSW. They got the experience and they work efficiently.

Under Sink Water Chillers for Homes and Offices

Our water chillers work perfectly with our water filters. This way you can enjoy the refreshing cold water while ensuring the health and safety of your family.

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