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Activated Carbon Water Filter: Why many filter systems have this

An activated carbon water filter is an essential part in many water filtration equipment (especially in the 3- and 5-stage systems).

It plays a key role in making sure the water is clean and safe for the family. That’s because it can remove some of the contaminants (while the other stages take care of the rest). You know the importance of removing those contaminants to prevent health hazards.

But what really is an activated carbon water filter (or granular activated carbon)? How does it work? Is it really effective in removing some of the water contaminants? Let’s explore the answers below:

What is granular activated carbon?

Granular activated carbon (or GAC) is made from organic materials with large surface area (hence, high adsorption capabilities). That’s why it’s commonly used in many water filters.

It effectively removes organic constituents in the water. In addition, it also removes residual disinfectants. As a result, your water will then be odourless and fresh tasting.

GAC removes those organic constituents and residual disinfectants through adsorption or catalytic reduction. The result is that after passing through the GAC, the water is almost free from many common water contaminants.

A proven technology

It’s a result of decades of scientific research. That’s why GAC is always used in water filtration. Its effectiveness (and affordability) makes it an ideal component in making sure the water is clean and safe to drink.

Aside from removing contaminants, the GAC also plays a key role in protecting the reverse osmosis membranes (the stages where further filtration is done). For example, in a 5-stage RO system, the next stage after the GAC is usually the ultrafine thin-film composite reverse osmosis membrane.

That stage is crucial in removing almost all the microparticles (heavy metals, other elements). That’s why it’s important to place the GAC right before that. This way, the reverse osmosis membrane will work optimally at all times.

Drink clean and safe water every day

If your water filtration system has an activated carbon water filter, that will give you additional peace of mind. The residual disinfectants and organic constituents are removed. In addition, the reverse osmosis membranes receive protection.

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