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Domestic Water Treatment: How to Ensure Clean Water in Your Home

A domestic water treatment system right at your own home can help ensure the health and safety of your family. This is true regardless of whether you are situated in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere really.

Well, this is beyond taking matters into your own hands. When you have your own home water treatment system (it’s like having your own big water supply treatment), you ensure the cleanliness of the water you use and drink.

You’re in control. You have included an additional layer of protection. You accomplish all that with just a small upfront investment to keep your water safe and clean.

But how do you choose the best water filtration system? Aside from the upfront investment (purchasing the equipment), what are the other costs you should know? Let’s answer those questions below:

How to Choose the Best Water Filtration System?

First, let’s talk about drinking water. You must first ensure that it’s safe and clean. How do you know if it’s safe and clean?

The water must be free from:

  • Chlorine (causes irritations and allergies)
  • Sediments (affects the aesthetics and overall safety of water)
  • Heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. which are harmful to health)
  • Bacteria and other microorganisms (E. coli)
  • Other micro-particles

Microorganisms can have an immediate health effect. Chemicals and heavy metals might take some time before affecting the health (but the effects accumulate and may be irreversible).

Whatever the case, these contaminants should be removed. That’s why when you choose a water filtration system, it’s good to check if it removes the above mentioned contaminants.

Aside from drinking water, you should also think about the other uses of water (preparing a beverage, cooking, washing, showering).

No matter how you use the water, the contaminants might find a way to enter or affect your body. For example, chlorine in water can cause allergies and irritations when it comes to contact on our skin (or if we inhale the vapours during a hot shower).

When preparing a beverage or washing the food, contaminants in the water can also enter our bodies. Even if we boil the water, the heavy metals and other micro-particles might still be there.

That’s why families also install filters for the shower and kitchen tap (usually installed under the sink). These are proven effective in making the water clean and safe to use.

What are the Future Possible Costs of Domestic Water Treatment?

It’s a small upfront investment to ensure the health and safety of your family. When it comes to future costs (repairs, maintenance, replacements), you can also get the best value.

Also, the company might provide a comprehensive warrant. This could be a lifetime warranty on the installation, housings and fittings. For the parts and labour, the warranty coverage could be 3-5 years.

It’s good to ask a reputable water filter company about the warranty coverage. If you have any questions about home water filtration systems (including products and services), call us today at 1300 734 156. We service from the Central Coast, through Sydney, and down to Wollongong, Melbourne and beyond.