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Filtered Water Systems: Why It’s the Most Cost-Effective

Filtered water is more cost-effective than distillation and UV radiation. In addition, filtration systems can remove almost all contaminants while other methods are limited in their scope.

Why Filtration is Cost-Effective?

First, let’s talk about cost. Water filters are more cost-effective because they don’t require much electricity compared to distillation. In distillation, you need to boil the water and then condense it for later use. Boiling the water can take up much energy.

It’s also the case with UV water purification. There’s radiation needed. You might also need other complementary processes because UV only kills microorganisms (not removing the chemicals). Those complementary processes can add up to the cost.

In contrast, water filtration is more cost-effective. The system needs less energy and it removes both microorganisms and chemicals. It can be a piece of stand-alone equipment which is already enough to provide clean water for the whole family.

Volume of Drinking Water Needed Each Day

A 5-stage reverse osmosis machine can filter up to 100 litres of water per day. This is more than enough to provide clean and pure drinking water for the whole household.

On the other hand, water distillers might only yield up to 60 litres of water each day. That amount depends on the efficiency and capacity of the unit. You might need a unit with larger capacity depending on the size of your household.

Ease of Installation

Both the water distillers and UV water purifiers can be difficult to set up (hence, higher labour costs). They need extra piping and electrical connections. They can also be bulky and take up valuable floor space.

In contrast, under sink water filters are neat and compact. They are also easy to install. An expert technician might be able to install a unit in less than 30 minutes. This means you can enjoy filtered water on the same day you order an under the sink filter.

Filtered Water Systems in Sydney, Central Coast & Wollongong

Many Sydney families choose water filtration over other methods because of affordability and superior effectiveness.

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