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Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Sydney: How to Choose the Best

A hot and cold water dispenser is now an essential fixture in many Sydney offices. It just works silently in the corner. But when it’s not working, everyone will surely notice.

That’s why you need to have a reliable unit in your workplace. To find a reliable one, here are some tips:

1. Check the Warranty

The extent of the warranty shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. For instance, if there’s a lifetime warranty with a water filtration system, that says a lot about the manufacturer.

Some water cooling units might also malfunction no matter how careful you are with the selection. That’s where the warranty can greatly help. It will address your worries. You won’t have to pay extra for some of the repairs needed in the future.

It’s best to ask the manufacturer or provider about the warranty. This way, you’ll be sure about the coverage and the claims of the manufacturer.

2. Choose a Trusted Company

A trusted company can give you the best options, whether it be an under sink boiler with hot water tap, an under sink chiller with cold water tap, reverse osmosis system, or perhaps some other solution. After all, they’re still here after many years because of their commitment to customer satisfaction.

For instance, a reputable company can advise you which type of water dispenser is best for your workplace. They might recommend a rugged-type unit if heavy use is expected. They might also recommend a unit that doesn’t need refilling.

3. Connecting to Water Filtration System

It’s just laborious to lift a heavy water container and place it on top of the water dispenser every now and then. What if there’s a way to connect it directly to your water system?

Many water dispensers now can be easily connected with the existing water system (and even the water filtration unit). This way, you don’t have to worry about the water running out when there’s no one to refill it.

Expert technicians can also connect an under sink water filter to your water dispenser. You’ll be sure that you’re getting cold (or hot) water that is clean and pure.

Hot and Cold Water Dispensers in Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast and Melbourne

It’s important that you choose a reliable water dispenser for your workplace. If you need assistance with the selection of a unit, you can call us today at 1300 734 156. We service offices in greater Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong areas, and have also recently started serving Melbourne.