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Indoor Drinking Fountains in Sydney: Why Stay Hydrated

An indoor drinking fountain can actually improve productivity in the workplace. It can also help improve the health of the whole department. How is this possible?

The answer is that drinking fountains can help people stay hydrated. This is important in maintaining top physical and mental performance. After all, our bodies constantly rely on water for us to function properly.

Advice for Getting More Productive and Healthy

We often rely on willpower when it comes to getting things done. “I just have to drink more water each day.” “I just have to focus on this task.” “I just have to be strong.”

However, those won’t work at all if there are weak foundations. It’s hard to drink more water if there’s no clean source around. It’s hard to focus on a task if you’re dehydrated. It’s hard to be strong if your body always experiences stress due to lack of water.

A more effective way is to make it all easier for you (not relying on willpower alone). To drink more water, there should be a reliable source of water nearby. That’s where a drinking fountain or water bubbler comes in.

It’s 3 birds in one stone as they say. A drinking water fountain can encourage employees to drink more water. This can also help them stay hydrated all day long, which results in making them healthier and stronger.

It’s an easier way than relying on willpower and giving long speeches. It’s also more reliable because the fountain will always be there ready to serve the whole department.

It’s Also About Protecting the Environment

Aside from improving health and productivity, an indoor drinking fountain can also help protect the environment. That’s because it can reduce our use of plastic bottles at the office. This is particularly true when the water is filtered (similar to our under sink and reverse osmosis systems).

Imagine the long-term impact this will have. Every day, the whole department or office can avoid using plastic bottles. Through the years, the impact will be great. In addition, you’re setting a good example for everyone to see.

Get the Best Indoor Drinking Fountain in Sydney, Melbourne and Beyond

It’s just a drinking fountain. However, this one little compact drinking source can yield positive results daily and in the long term.

That’s why many Sydney and Melbourne businesses already have a drinking bubbler in their offices. We’ve been helping them with that through the years and offer prompt service throughout Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. Call us today at 1300 734 156 if you need more information.