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Purified Water in Sydney: How to Get Affordable Solutions

Purified water is water free from contaminants such as E. coli, sediments, chlorine, heavy metals and organic chemicals. Tap water can contain those contaminants which can pose health risks both to adults and children.

That’s why many Sydney families install a water purification system in their homes. It’s an added protection against microorganisms and chemicals present in tap water.

However, some families are still worried about the costs and performance of these water purifier systems. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss how to save on costs and ensure reliability of the water purifier.

How to Save On Costs

Costs usually include the under sink water filter unit price, installation, maintenance and replacement. When buying a unit, the price differs depending on its features.

For example, triple undersink filters are more costly than twin filters. Triple under sink units have more advanced features and they have 3 stages of purification. There are more parts which can add to the cost.

When it comes to installation, you might get it for free. It’s good to contact the company if there’s an included free installation if you purchase a water filter unit from them.

The maintenance and replacement might also be included in the warranty. This might include the pipes, housings and fittings. It’s recommended to ask the company about these so you’ll know what you’re paying for.

Easy Payment Options

The unit cost might still be intimidating. That’s why companies now offer easy payment options. This makes the upfront cost of buying much lighter.

Aside from easy payment options, you might also get a free complimentary chrome tap. This way, the whole system is clean and new. From the under the sink up to the exit point of water, you’re sure that each step and component is clean.

How to Ensure Performance

Each stage of a water purification system takes care of different contaminants. Each stage is specialised in handling a specific type of job.

For example, the second stage of a 5-stage reverse osmosis (RO) machine removes chlorine. This is important in prolonging the RO membrane’s useful lifespan.

In general, filtration systems with multiple stages can remove almost all contaminants. In addition, quality units can last longer because of their quality housings, tubings, fittings and other parts.

Purified Water in Sydney

Sydney families now require added protection when it comes to their drinking water. Good news is, they can now all have access to affordable and effective water filtration systems.

Here at Filtap™, we’re committed to providing cost-effective solutions in Sydney, Wollongong and the Central Coast. Contact us today and our friendly staff will respond.