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Removing Chlorine from Shower Water: Now’s the Time to Do It

Removing chlorine from shower water is now a priority among many Sydney families. They’re now aware of the health effects of chlorine and disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes (which can be carcinogenic).

In addition, unfiltered shower water exposes us daily to risks. We can use up to 80 litres of water each time we shower. The concentration of chlorine in water can reach up to 1 mg/L (the concentrations of disinfection by-products are not included). The effects can truly accumulate through the years.

How to Remove Chlorine from Your Shower Water

In general, there are two ways. You can either install a shower head filter or a whole house water filtration system.

Shower head filters remove chlorine in the point-of-use. Just right before the water comes out of the shower, the sediments, chlorine and disinfection by-products are being removed. On the other hand, whole house filtration filters the water before it even enters the home.

Whole house filtration is a lot more expensive than shower filters. If your only priority is the water that comes out of the shower, it’s more practical to invest on shower head filters. But if you want complete protection (chlorine-free water for general use), a whole house filter is the way to go.

Benefits of Chlorine-Free Water

Chlorine is a strong chemical that effectively kills microorganisms. With its strength and quantity, it can even affect human cells.

Hence, if you remove chlorine, you get to enjoy some of the benefits. For instance, you might gain a healthier skin and hair. In addition, you avoid inhaling chlorine and its by-products. In other words, your cells will be healthy. Your body will benefit from this daily and in the years to come.

Removing Chlorine from Shower Water

It’s now the time to do it if you want to reap the benefits early. It’s a wise and long-term investment wherein your whole family can benefit.

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