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Reverse Osmosis Filters: Why These are a Popular Choice for Sydney Residents

Reverse osmosis filter systems are growing in popularity across homes in Sydney, Melbourne and further afield. That’s because reverse osmosis or RO is considered to be very effective in removing almost all contaminants and is the most effective of all the under sink water filters.

Many individuals and families now are aware of the possible contaminants present in the water supply. Chlorine, disinfection by-products, pesticides, microorganisms, sediments and heavy metals are threats to our health (especially to children).

Thankfully, 5-stage reverse osmosis systems are now available to anyone. It’s a piece of advanced technology that’s now available even to homes.

Here are the top 3 reasons why many Sydney residents install a reverse osmosis filter at their home or workplace:

1. Rigorous Water Purification Process

The reverse osmosis process itself is not alone in ensuring clean and safe water. There are “pre-treatment” and “after-treatment” processes that all work together.

For instance, the first stage might deal with the big guys (dust, rust, sludge). Then the second stage will remove chlorine and provide membrane protection to the reverse osmosis step.

The third stage (RO step) works by having a semi-permeable membrane which only allows water to pass through. The fourth and fifth stage can then be about improving the odour and taste of the water.

It’s a rigorous process where each step helps in total water purification.

2. Compact and Reliable

Decades ago, RO systems were big pieces of equipment that were only used in industrial settings. But recently, RO is now available to anyone. In fact, you can even install one under your kitchen sink.

It’s the result of many years of research (that’s why RO systems are also reliable). In addition, scientists and engineers realised that every family should have access to this piece of technology. That’s why today, you can have a complete RO system at your home.

3. Affordable

Back then, RO systems are very expensive (because of the huge equipment and large scale required). But now, they’re affordable which is why many Sydney residents already have one in their homes.

You can even benefit from free installation and easy payment options. This way, you can purchase an RO filter right away and make yourself and family safe.

Reverse Osmosis Filters Fully Installed Across Sydney and Melbourne

At Filtap™, we offer and install factory-tested Reverse Osmosis systems for residences across Sydney (as well as Central Coast and Wollongong) and Melbourne. We also offer a 5-year comprehensive warranty. Contact us today if you want to know more about our warranty, products and services.