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Wall Hung Boilers: How They Add to Worker Satisfaction

Many Sydney and Melbourne offices now have wall hung boilers. Wall mounted water boilers have already become an essential fixture in many workplaces in different industries.

Why? During meetings (and even ordinary work days), a hot cup of coffee or tea is sure to be there. For many employees, it’s even the perfect way to start the day. It seems everything’s out of order if they do not smell coffee around.

To ensure there’s always a hot cup of coffee, a wall mounted water boiler should be in place. This actually contributes to workplace satisfaction. Here are 3 reasons for that:

1. Provide the Needs of Staff

If there’s no access to hot water around (for example to an under sink boiler), it says something about the workplace.

Many local and global companies now (especially in the tech industry) cover all the needs of their employees to the extent that there are unique perks now (e.g. free snacks, game room, bring your pet). These benefits and perks are all there to ensure workplace satisfaction and employee retention.

If hot water is not available in the workplace, it could be a major source of dissatisfaction. It’s a small thing but it can affect the mood and productivity of the staff every day.

But if there’s always hot water available, employees will have one less thing to worry about. They could enjoy their hot beverages while doing their best work.

2. Easy and Fast Access to Hot Water

Aside from presence, people also think about ease and speed. Can your staff easily get hot water whenever they need it?

It’s almost impractical to use a kettle throughout the day. It’s a waste of fuel or electricity. Employees will also have to wait instead of proceeding with their work immediately.

That’s why many Sydney offices now have wall hung boilers. This way, employees can prepare their hot coffee or tea any time of the day. Right after preparing or drinking their favourite beverage, they can feel recharged and get back to work immediately.

3. Enough Hot Water for Everybody

Do you have a large staff? Your department will then need a water boiler with a large capacity.

Good news is, our wall mounted boilers can deliver up to 160 cups of hot water per hour. This is more than enough for a typical workplace.

Wall Hung Boilers in Sydney, Melbourne, Central Coast & Wollongong

During meetings, overtimes and ordinary work days, access to hot water is essential. This can actually contribute to the satisfaction and productivity of the whole staff.

If you need a wall hung boiler for your office and staff, you can contact us today. Our wall mounted boilers are made from stainless steel, they’re compact and fully automatic. In addition to water boilers and chillers, Filtap also offer a comprehensive range of quality under sink water filters and RO filters throughout Sydney, Melbourne and beyond.