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Home Water Purifier Systems: 3 Essential Considerations

In Sydney and other urban areas, residents often search for a water purifier system for their home. One main reason is that urban water supplies may have contaminants harmful to both kids and adults.

It’s the direct result of industrialisation. Pollutants eventually find their way into our water sources. Despite the best efforts of the government, contaminants might still be present in our water supplies. After all, water can go through kilometres of pipes before reaching our faucets.

That’s why it’s our responsibility now to include an additional layer of protection. We can do this by installing under sink water filters. Good news is, they’re now affordable and long-lasting. You get the best value out of a small investment.

But before you choose a home water purifier system, here are 3 essential considerations:

1. Accessibility and Ease of Use

Where do we get most of our drinking water? For most people, it is the tap at the kitchen sink. That’s why the water filter system should be installed nearby.

Under the sink water filters are ideal for this. These are usually neat and compact and they can fit under almost any kitchen sink.

Aside from getting a glass of water, you can also get clean water for washing the ingredients and preparing your favourite morning beverage. This way, every drop of water is sure to be free from contaminants.

2. Enough Drinking Water Supply for the Household

To stay hydrated, the water filter should have an output that far exceeds the needs of yourself and your family.

How much water does your household need? Each person can drink 2-3 litres of water each day. If there are 4 of you at home, you need at least 12 litres of filtered water each day.

Fortunately, there are water filter systems that can go way beyond that. For instance, our 5-stage reverse osmosis system can have an output of 100 litres per day. This is more than enough to cover the whole family’s drinking water needs.

3. Long-Lasting Components and Filter Cartridges

Home water purifiers are relatively small investments. But if you want to get the most value (while ensuring high performance), choose high-quality water filter systems with durable components.

Many under the sink water filters have stainless steel brackets and screws. Their filter cartridges might also last up to 12 months. This makes it more worthwhile to invest in water filters.

Sydney Water Purifier System for Home

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