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Choosing a Water Filtration System: How to Do It Right

Choosing a water filtration system is an important task. After all, it’s the one that will protect your family daily and be well worthwhile in the long run. That’s why many Sydney and Melbourne based families take a little extra time in accomplishing this task.

But how do you ensure that the water filter you buy is the best one available? In addition, what are the specific things you should look for? Let’s explore the answers below:

1. Point-of-Use or Whole House?

Point-of-use filters include the under the sink water filtration systems. These filters work by removing contaminants just before the exit point of the water. These systems are usually compact and reliable for everyday use.

On the other hand, whole house water filtration systems are installed in the mains plumbing of homes. Before the water goes to your home, the water gets filtered. This means every drop of water you get from shower and faucets is already filtered.

The key difference between the two is point-of-use filters remove more contaminants. Whole house filters usually remove only the chlorine and sediments. The former is for drinking water while the latter is for general use.

2. Chlorine Removal or Complete Filtration?

Chlorine is a harsh chemical that might harm your health in the long run. Even when just used for bathing, chlorine might still harm you. That’s why many Australian families now install shower head filters in their bathrooms.

For showering, chlorine water filters might already suffice. But it’s totally different when the water’s used for drinking (or even preparing food and beverages). For this, the more appropriate solution is the under the sink filter (whether 2- or 3-stage filters). Some families choose a complete 5-stage reverse osmosis filter because these are more thorough in removing contaminants.

3. What About the Cost?

In general, thorough filters might be more expensive. But the price might be worth it especially if your priority is your family’s safety.

Aside from the upfront cost of purchasing the filter system, you should also consider the installation and long-term operational costs. Some companies offer free installation (with easy payment options for the equipment). You should ask about that before committing to a filter system.

Water filtration is more cost-effective than other water purification methods such as distillation and UV radiation. However, many filter systems can “waste” a lot of water because of their processes. This is normal but if this is a concern to you, you should ask the company or technician about how much water the device can “waste.”

Choosing a Water Filtration System in Melbourne or Sydney

Those are just few of the things to consider when selecting a water filter. If you have more concerns and questions, you can call us here at Filtap™ (1300 734 156). We service Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong areas, and down south to Melbourne as well.