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How Drinking Water Changes Your Body

How drinking water changes your body? Drinking more water and staying hydrated might be one of the most underrated health tips today. Many people now look for the magic bullet and obscure health tips. However, the solution might be already within their reach.

Drinking more water (especially clean water) could be the first step to becoming healthier. That’s because you will do it every day for the rest of your life. Once it becomes a habit, it becomes easier to apply daily.

Benefits of drinking water

  1. Replaces the fluids you lost
  2. Enables optimal functioning of your body and organs
  3. Makes thinking clear (more on this later)
  4. Makes flushing of toxins easier
  5. Boosts immune system (practical explanation later)
  6. Improves your physical appearance (we’ll justify this below)
  7. Improves your mood and overall health


These benefits will be later explained using science, physiology and practical reasoning. In some articles you might have read exaggerated explanations and benefits. But here you’ll be convinced that drinking more water truly benefits your mind and body. Let’s start.

1. Replaces the fluids you lost

One main reason we drink water is to replace the fluids you lost. After all, we truly lose water every day as a result of:

  • Sweating (heat or physical activity)
  • Digestion pulls water from the body
  • Alcohol and medications
  • Urinating and defecating
  • Breathing


In other words, we lose water every day because of our normal daily activities. Our bodies use water for daily biological functions. That’s why when we lose significant fluids (our brain gets triggered when there’s lack of fluids or imbalance), we get the craving to drink.

It’s our body’s way of staying on top shape. However, sometimes we ignore the signs because we’re occupied with work, study, leisure or other activities. Or we resort to sugary and alcoholic beverages to quench our thirst.

The better alternative is to drink water instead. Sugary beverages may increase our risk of developing diabetes. On the other hand, alcoholic drinks will make us thirstier (which will make us consume more alcohol). This is far from good when it comes to our overall health.

That’s why clean water is still the best way to replace the fluids you lost. This way, our bodies will function optimally and proceed with the normal biological functions.

2. Enables optimal functioning of your body and organs

To better understand the positive effect of staying hydrated, it’s worthwhile to study the negative results of dehydration.

What are the effects of dehydration?

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • Mouth and eyes become dry
  • Sleepiness
  • Urine more yellow than normal


Those are just some of the mild effects. Extreme effects include coma, seizure and shock. Dehydration can occur due to the following:

  • Too much exercise
  • Too much sweating
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting
  • Fever
  • Diabetes


Why do those things happen? As mentioned earlier, water is required for everyday biological functions. For instance, water (molecular H2O) is required for the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates. After all, these processes require hydrolysis (hydro means water, lysis means dissolving or breakdown).

As a result, dehydration will interfere with proper breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates. We need these nutrients for energy, healing, and muscle repair. Lack of protein and carbohydrates could then lead to lack of energy and probably loss of muscle mass.

In addition, dehydration also leads to headaches and migraines. After all, the brain may be composed of up to 75% water. The brain may contract if there’s significant fluid loss. The temporary contraction can then result to a mild headache or a really alarming migraine.

3. Makes thinking clear

Even a 1.5% loss in normal water volume can make focus and thinking really hard. After all, dehydration affects our biochemical functions. Any inconsistency or lack may make our brains and bodies compensate. Instead of the energy being devoted to thinking, the energy is being spent for compensation for lack.

That’s why many business managers now encourage hydration among their staffs. This way, both the employees and managers can stay productive throughout the day. As a result, many offices now have undersink chillers and drinking fountains.

Truly, productivity levels will be negatively affected by dehydration. As mentioned above, dehydration can cause headaches. Also, the thinking becomes cloudy which affects decision making and performance on cognitive tasks.

On the other hand, staying hydrated can help you perform at your best. This means the body has fewer things to worry about. Instead of your brain trying to send signals to you or your body compensating for lack of water, your brain and body will be able to better focus on the task at hand. As a result, you can better focus on your work or study.

4. Makes flushing of toxins easier

Water enables biochemical reactions to take place. In addition, water helps in the transport of nutrients to the different cells and parts of our body.

Aside from that, water also enables the transport of toxins. This is crucial for the proper functioning of our body. Some of the wastes and toxins that need to be flushed are:

  • Urea (waste products from protein breakdown)
  • Ammonia
  • Salts
  • By-products of bile


In other words, our bodies regularly produce wastes and toxins from our normal bodily functions. It can be a result of either digestion or the breakdown of our muscles and cells. If any of these wastes accumulated too much in our bodies, they become toxic and hinder our normal bodily functions.

That’s why we need water every day to carry those toxins out of our bodies. Our kidneys can work efficiently if there’s enough water to use. Also, enough water can make the work easier for kidneys (which lead to better kidney health).

5. Boosts immune system

What does water have anything to do with the immune system? First, build-up of toxins may trigger our immune systems to release disease fighters. Our bodies have evolved through thousands of years to take an action whenever they detect foreign bodies (or internal substances in unusually high amounts).

If we stay hydrated, the toxins are getting flushed out effectively. This means there are fewer triggers for our immune system. It can focus instead on fighting the real threats. Also, there will be more resources for our immune system to fight infections and disease-causing microbes.

Regularly drinking water and staying hydrated will make your body focus on what matters: optimal function and fighting threats. It may be a direct or indirect result of hydration. But staying hydrated is already a step closer to better health.

6. Improves your physical appearance

All of the above are all focused on the benefits of drinking water for our cells and organs. Aside from that, staying hydrated can also help improve our physical appearance.

First, consistent hydration leads to healthy cells including skin cells. Second, as discussed earlier, water flushes out toxins and wastes. When toxins accumulate, our immune system fights them off and as a result, the result of the battle might manifest on the skin (including the face).

Moreover, we mentioned earlier that staying hydrated leads to better focus and mental clarity. This means you will have a more relaxed face and mood. This can in turn positively affect your physical appearance. You will have a lighter vibe which other people can easily notice.

7. Improves your mood and overall health

This is a direct result of better health and optimal bodily functions. Staying hydrated means you’re at the top of your game:

  • Internal organs are working optimally
  • Toxins are getting flushed out regularly
  • Better digestion
  • Good immune system


These will manifest outwardly. After all, our physical health also greatly affects our emotional health. If our bodies are in great health, our emotions will likely follow. Moreover, our mental performance also gets a boost. This is a total win in exchange for drinking clean water. We can benefit from this for decades to come without any huge investments.

How drinking water changes your body

It’s a simple habit which requires no magic. However, many of us still overlook the benefits of staying hydrated.

Drinking more water to stay hydrated will benefit us through:

  • Flushing toxins
  • Replacing lost fluids
  • Transporting nutrients
  • Optimal metabolism
  • Proper biochemical functions
  • Improved physical appearance
  • Mental clarity
  • Higher productivity
  • Better mood

Actually these are the common results of staying healthy and one way to accomplish that is to drink clean water. Remember that this one habit alone can significantly improve your health for the years to come. The positive effects accumulate which is why the return on investment from this one simple habit is enough to change lives.

However, negative effects may also accumulate if you drink contaminated water. This is especially the case if the water contains heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic. One way to effectively remove those is by having an undersink filter in your home.

For instance, many Sydney homeowners and apartment tenants already have a triple undersink filter which removes dirt, heavy metals, chlorine and other substances. This is effective in providing you clean and safe water which you can rely on 24/7.

So if you want to get the most out of the healthy habit of staying hydrated, make sure the water you drink is clean and safe. A high-quality filtration system will help you assure that.

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