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Water Coolers

Our range of water coolers for offices and other commercial establishments are compact, well-designed and highly reliable.

That’s why many office staffs all throughout NSW are enjoying the refreshing cold water provided by our units.

Australian-made and easy to install

You’re sure of the quality of our products. Each water cooling unit is guaranteed to be Australian-made. You’ll have the peace of mind that your office water cooler will be functional for years to come.

All of our water cooling units are also easy to install. No inconveniences and almost no waiting time. Your whole staff can use it immediately and stay hydrated all day long.

Reduce the use of plastic and help the environment

Many offices right now are using and enjoying the best water coolers from Filtap. Aside from having a reliable source of cold and clean water, they also know that they’re helping the environment.

You and your staff won’t have to buy plastic water bottles for daily use at the office. Our reliable and highly efficient water cooling units will eliminate the need for bottled water.

In the long run you save money. In addition, you help the environment by reducing your use of plastic every day and for years to come.

Self-Fill Enviro Water Cooler

Aside from the cold water, you’re sure that what you’re drinking is free from dirt, chlorine and unpleasant tastes and odours.

It’s easy to install and connect with the existing water system.

Direct Connect Enviro Water Cooler

In Sydney, this is one of the most popular water cooling units for offices. It’s easy to set up and connects readily with our 3-Stage Water Filter System. Get peace of mind that your water is clean and pure while enjoying the refreshing cold water.

Direct Connect Hot & Cold Enviro Water Cooler

This one is stylish. If you have this one in your office, you and your staff will surely feel the added sophistication at your workplace.

It’s not just for show. It consistently provides hot and cold water for the whole office staff. No need to use kettles to boil water and prepare the coffee.

Direct Connect Bubbler with Glass Filler

Heavy duty and designed to last for years. We already installed many of these in churches, schools and factories.

There are two options to drinking the water. The staff can drink straight from the bubbler. Or they can bring their glass and fill it up with the refreshing water.

RM Series Sturdy Design

This award-winning and high-performance water cooling unit is stylish and yet very sturdy.

It’s been a perfect and reliable fixture in many schools, gyms and offices. We’ve installed many units in workplaces with harsh conditions including construction and mining sites.

Functional and Stylish Office Water Cooler

You have many options and each one could be perfect to your office. Call us now at 1300 733 853 and we’ll help you with your water cooler needs.