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Why You Should Have an Under Sink Chilled Water Dispenser

An under sink chilled water dispenser can give you cold refreshing water any time of the day. There’s no need to open the refrigerator every now and then. You can even install an under sink chiller with your water filtration system. This ensures clean and refreshing water 24/7.

Many Sydney homes now actually have a unit in their kitchens. That’s because the owners have already realised the daily and long-term benefits of having an under sink water chiller.

24/7 Access to Cold Refreshing Water

What happens if there’s no cold water available? The tendency is not to drink at all (even when you’re really thirsty). Worse, you might buy a can or bottle of sugary drink to quench your thirst.

It’s especially the case during unusually hot summer days. It’s the time when we always look for something cold and refreshing, even if it can harm our health in the long run. Countless Sydney families are already aware of this. That’s why they search (or have already found one) for a reliable and cost-effective under sink water chiller.

Cost-Effective, Environment-Friendly

A chilled water dispenser installed under the sink is a great solution. It’s cost-effective, compact and reliable. For instance, it can provide up to 6 litres of chilled water every hour. This is more than enough to quench the thirst of the whole family even during hot summer days.

In contrast, it’s not often reliable when you’re using the refrigerator to cool your drinking water. You might have experienced opening the fridge with the water bottle empty still inside (that’s life). To prevent that day-ruining scenario, why not just have an under the sink chiller that can provide you with as much refreshing water as you need?

In addition, having this compact equipment can help protect the environment. How? You won’t rely on plastic bottles anymore. Imagine the long-term impact this will have. Moreover, you start setting a good example for the whole family. The positive effect will actually last for generations.

Under Sink Chilled Water Dispenser

Here at Filtap, many Sydney homeowners have already requested us to install a chilled water dispenser under the sink.

Our technicians work quickly and efficiently so you and your family can enjoy cold refreshing water immediately. Call us today at 1300 734 156 for more information.