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Water Filter Options: What’s the Best One for Your Home?

Here, you will learn about the different water filter options for your house. You will also learn some of their features. This way, you will be better equipped for choosing the best one according to your needs. Let’s start.

1. Twin and Triple Undersink Water Filters

These neat and compact water filters are sure to fit under almost any kitchen sink. That’s one of the reasons why twin and triple undersink water filters are preferred by many Sydney homeowners.

In addition, these are effective in removing heavy metals, chlorine and other impurities before they end up in your glass of water. It’s your added layer of protection against pollutants.

2. 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis

The 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis a thorough and rigorous solution to ensure clean and safe water for the whole family. That’s because reverse osmosis alone is highly effective in removing most contaminants.

Also, there are other steps that remove dust, rust, sludge, chlorine and other microparticles. Furthermore, the final stage is about improving the taste and odour of water. This way, people will be encouraged to drink more water instead of sugary beverages.

3. Shower Filter

Chlorine as a harsh chemical effectively kills bacteria and other microorganisms. However, its harshness also presents some dangers to human health.

It’s a proven skin irritant, especially to kids. The children’s skin is sensitive. Direct contact with chlorine might cause irritations. In addition, consumption of chlorine-filled water while taking a shower (kids are playful) can also result to harm.

That’s why many people now have a shower filter. This removes all the chlorine. A shower filter also makes showering a safer experience.

4. Whole House Water Filter

In domestic water treatment, the water in all pipes must be clean and safe. That’s where a whole house filtration system can help.

It effectively removes sediments and chlorine from all taps and showers. It also has enough capacity (can filter up to 20 litres of water each minute). It’s more than enough to provide safer water for the whole family.

Water Filter Options

Those are your water filter options. You can start with an under sink water filter and shower filter. Or, you can also go for the 5-stage reverse osmosis so you’re sure of clean and safe drinking water.

If you need any of these, contact us today at Filtap. We’ll provide affordable water filter solutions for your family.